I am an environmental scientist and writer from Spain with a passion for green tech and sustainable living. I currently live in San Francisco (CA), one of the greenest cities in the US, and where some of the most exciting green technology is being developed.

EcoToaD is where I share news, background on different environmental topics, and also show what we can individually do in order to move towards a greener lifestyle.

What we eat, the products that we buy, the stores that we support, and countless every day actions can easily change the world that we live in.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can reach me at: sonia@ecotoad.org

Thanks for reading!

You may not be able to see golden toads in Monteverde any longer, but there are some weird species hiding inside tree trunks:



8 responses to “About

  1. mi toaditaaaa!!!

    wow…ive already learnt sooo much from your blog! very nice clean design and amazing info….looking forward to more from the ecotoad!

    african karlita

  2. Hi Sonia! Thank you for sharing your blog! So much to learn! Keep it coming 🙂


    vicky powell

  3. !Que maravilla de Blog!! Me voy a meter todos los dias para informarme de todas las cosas tan importantes que no se y quiero saber. Te quiero.

  4. mi soni!!
    De nuevo felicidades por ecotoad! todos los artículos son muy interesantes!
    yo quiero saber más de “soy lo que como”.
    espero tus datos!


  5. Whoa!!! I do believe I just very well may have been inside that very tree. I visited Costa Rica for a month years ago and did a day trip to Monteverde. I recall finding a hollowed out tree along the side of the trail which me and my dad were able to climb inside. Pura Vida.

    • Hey!! thanks for your comment.
      Yes, Monteverde is amazing! next time you go to Costa Rica you must go to Corcovado, it’s also incredible!
      Pura Vida! 😀

  6. Hi Sonia! I really love your website! Great info! I was wondering if I could advertise on your website and we would pay you commissions on it. Please email me back if you are interested!

    Thank you!

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